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France Sceviya Paris International Group Inc. is a renowned modern high-tech enterprises, the company is committed to bio-genetic engineering research in bio-pharmaceuticals, natural medicine, biological research and development in areas such as cosmetics, is an international leader, with "high-tech enzyme technology "," living cell stability control technology "," stem cells cultivated in vitro, "" biological purification of raw materials TY "with industrialized and other core technologies for next-generation bio-pharmaceuticals, bio cosmetics innovation, providing a strong technical Support. June 2004, the French Shengsiweiya Cosmetics International Group Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong, the aim is to use the French Shengsiweiya International Group own technological superiority and cultural atmosphere romantic and Asia, especially China ancient civilization and rich natural resources together, to develop a new concept of skin care products, beauty bring well-being of people.After years of operation, the company already has a number of chain stores and offices in Asia, the development of the product is also known as "non-surgical orthopedic products." By the international authority of the Union Council authorized the brand as "standing member of the Council." Authorized production base in Yangzhou Xinlang Daily Chemical Technology Co.,Ltd., for the French Sceviya Cosmetics International Group Limited. The company is located in Yangzhou Phoenix Island ecological zones, in east China's best-preserved of the original eco-tourism area, but also diversion of water sources. Aims to bring together the advantages of technology, culture, geography, history, through the millennia, "Yangzhou beauty" set appearance, temperament, culture, training, skills as a whole, the financial Xian Qi, Reiki, clever gas, ShuangQi in one legend, the interpretation New Age stuff Fang Meirong fashion classic myth.
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